The experience you've been waiting for, that's what.

Yes, there's a double meaning – A seasoned professional and smooth projects. Click below for more information.

Enter About You

My stock and trade is B2B - Business-to-Business. That said, I also have regular assignments in consumer related campaigns.

So, I prepare marketing collateral for print, web and broadcast. Click below for more information.

Enter Design

"eDesign", you say? "Oh snap. Another buzz word."

This includes Web, interactive .pdf, PowerPoint, video and more.

Enter eDesign

Paul Rand said it best, "The imagination takes the slightest hints
and turns them into revelations."

Enter Illustration

It's like illustration on Steroids. Legal Steroids. And, it's not just for Pixar anymore.

Powering up ideas, even within .pdf, PowerPoint presentations and online distribution is becoming the new black.

Enter Animation

Although I'm listed with Microsoft as a font foundry, you won't find my work in the online font databases.

My work is primarily used as Security Fonts (fonts only available from within an organization) for use in official document publication. Find out more by following the link.

Enter Font Design

Word has gotten around. Apparently I know what I'm doing.

I've been hired to produce several tutorial series for creative professionals. Welcome to the digital playground.

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